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A selection of exquisite Japanese products with intriguing stories behind them.

SGD 90.00

Meiri Shurui Premium Japanese Craft Gin

SGD 90.00Food

SGD 186.60

Edo Glass Sake Japanese Wine Gold Leaf Glass & Flask - 3 piece Set

SGD 186.60Lifestyle

SGD 47.40 - 49.45

Lace Flower Mask-Cream

SGD 47.40 - 49.45Fashion

SGD 190.60

Roma Hat - Black

SGD 190.60Fashion

5,128 YEN

Tea Starter Kit

5,128 YENFood

8,500 YEN

Suede Leather Collar

8,500 YENLifestyle, pet

SGD 51.45

Iroha Colurful Bowl Red

SGD 51.45Lifestyle

SGD 280.00

BALMUDA Teapot in White

SGD 280.00Lifestyle

SGD 77.00

Bruno Lunch Box Warmer in Cream White

SGD 77.00Lifestyle

SGD 199.00

BRUNO Compact Hotplate - Red

SGD 199.00Lifestyle

SGD 376.30

Kasane Nadeshiko watch

SGD 376.30Lifestyle

SGD 35.50

Cool Touch Fabric Masks-Dahlia

SGD 35.50Lifestyle

SGD 62.15

Highlight Canvas Tote Hs

SGD 62.15Lifestyle

SGD 64.05

Hokkaido's starry candles Set

SGD 64.05Lifestyle

SGD 40.10

Glass Sake cup & tokkuri

SGD 40.10Lifestyle

SGD 55.00


SGD 55.00Food

SGD 67.40 - 70.65

Igayaki cups-Hydrangea

SGD 67.40 - 70.65Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 49.60

Awaji Mizuhiki Pierced earrings-Gold

SGD 49.60Fashion/Acceseries

SGD 148.90

Oak Wooden Four Leaf Clover Wall Clock

SGD 148.90Lifestyle, Home

SGD 26.80

Oo | Tenugui Neckwear - Yellow × Gray

SGD 26.80Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 81.25

eni Plate 230 & 140 with a box

SGD 81.25Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 37.25

Japan Blue Denim Mask Setto Japan Limited Edition

SGD 37.25Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 59.45

Card Case Pop - Sky Blue

SGD 59.45Lifestyle, Kitchen

SGD 15.00

Ice Popsicle Silicone Mould – Lion & Rabbit

SGD 15.00Lifestyle, Kitchen

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